Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Posted by: skazka

Date: 2007-09-26 00:37

Table of Contents: .: Dada Mail 2.10.16 Released .: Professional Installation/Upgrade Services .: Pro Dada 2.10.16 Available .: Dada Mail 2.11 Alpha 7 Available
I'm very happy to announce the immediate availability of Dada Mail, version 2.10.16. This version contains bug fixes found in version 2.10.15. This release is purely a bug fix release, so no new features, just more rock-solid stability.
As always, Dada Mail is a free download .
Professional Installation/Upgrade Services
As always, we are providing professional, secure and awesome installation/upgrade services that include fixing corrupted installations, server moves, troubleshooting and also personal consultation and contracting. "Mystery Girl", the bounce handler for Dada Mail + Installation of, "Beatitude", the scheduled mailer for Dada Mail + High-Traffic Optimization of Dada Mail + Discussion List support via the plugin + are also included.
Pro Dada also comes with a copy of the Magicbook.
If you use Dada Mail in a commercial environment, consider purchasing Pro Dada. It's the main way Dada Mail is kept alive.
:: In closing, Thanks to everyone who wished me well on my Bicycle Touring Trip last summer - I logged over 2,350 miles from Vancouver, Canada to the US/Mexico border in a little over a month's time.


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